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Validation of OPTIMADE APIs

optimade-python-tools contains tools for validating external OPTIMADE implementations that may be helpful for all OPTIMADE providers. The validator is dynamic and fuzzy, in that the tested filters are generated based on random entries served by the API, and the description of the API provided at the /info endpoint.

The validator is implemented in the optimade.validator submodule, but the two main entry points are:

  1. The optimade-validator script, which is installed alongside the package.
  2. The optimade-validator-action which allows the validator to be used as a GitHub Action.

To run the script, simply provide an OPTIMADE URL to the script at the command-line. You can use the following to validate the Fly deployment of our reference server:

$ optimade-validator
Testing entire implementation at

Several additional options can be found under the --help flag, with the most important being -v/-vvvv to set the verbosity, --index to validate OPTIMADE index meta-databases and --json to receive the validation results as JSON document for programmatic use.

$ optimade-validator --help
usage: optimade-validator [-h] [-v] [-j] [-t AS_TYPE] [--index]
                          [--skip-optional] [--fail-fast] [-m]
                          [--page_limit PAGE_LIMIT]
                          [--headers HEADERS]

Tests OPTIMADE implementations for compliance with the optimade-python-tools models.

- To test an entire implementation (at say for all required/available endpoints:

    $ optimade-validator

- To test a particular response of an implementation against a particular model:

    $ optimade-validator --as-type structure

- To test a particular response of an implementation against a particular model:

    $ optimade-validator --as-type structures

positional arguments:
  base_url              The base URL of the OPTIMADE
                        implementation to point at, e.g.
                        '' or

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbosity       Increase the verbosity of the output.
                        (-v: warning, -vv: info, -vvv: debug)
  -j, --json            Only a JSON summary of the validator
                        results will be printed to stdout.
  -t AS_TYPE, --as-type AS_TYPE
                        Validate the request URL with the
                        provided type, rather than scanning the
                        entire implementation e.g. optimade-
                        validator `
                        /structures/0 --as-type structure`
  --index               Flag for whether the specified OPTIMADE
                        implementation is an Index meta-database
                        or not.
  --skip-optional       Flag for whether the skip the tests of
                        optional features.
  --fail-fast           Whether to exit on first test failure.
  -m, --minimal         Run only a minimal test set.
  --page_limit PAGE_LIMIT
                        Alter the requested page limit for some
  --headers HEADERS     Additional HTTP headers to use for each
                        request, specified as a JSON object.